Urban skin stress technology part II: Speed, safety and solutions

Urban skin stress technology part II

Emerging market technologies, designed to overcome urban skin stress, answer consumer demands for testing efficacy, personalised skin care and UV monitoring.

In-control monitoring

Monitoring patches have entered the marketplace. These contain sensors and change colour when pollution is detected to measure the amount of exposure in the surrounding environment. 

L’Oreal has, for instance, created ‘My UV Patch’ which is fixed to the skin and changes colour in the presence of UV. The level of exposure is then measured via an app to help wearers take protective action.

Measuring efficacy

With companies increasingly entering the anti-pollution segment, Sagentia has been developing stringent and comprehensive testing procedures. These are able to successfully confirm cosmetics claims and prove efficacy to differentiate between genuine and trusted providers, and counterfeit or sub standard items, which customers are increasingly worried about.

Diagnostic solution

With an effort on ‘reversing the damage of pollution’, diagnosing an individual’s skin care requirements through portable devices is growing in popularity. These devices can scan a person’s face to indicate damage resulting from pollution.

They provide a personalised service by indicating whether a consumer should use a higher SPF against UV. These diagnostics tools also indicate how well the skin can protect itself from chemical damage, otherwise known as its ‘antioxidative’ protective power.

In 2016, NuSkin released its NuSkin diagnostic and personalised dispensing system, ageLOC-me. The process analyses a person’s skin care requirements, sources and creates the correct serums and then delivers this customised creation direct to the consumer in the morning and at night.

Swift applications

This technology is anticipated to compete with lengthy, multi-step, rigorous skin care routines that require a variety of products and instructions.

In December 2016, we reported how all-day beauty was gathering momentum as brands were creating day and night solutions to tackle the detrimental impact of pollution. Now, however, it appears that simplicity is the key, with bespoke, ready-made applications available to consumers on-demand.

Sagentia’s white paper is available to download at www.sagentia.com/insight/new-innovations-in-beating-urban-skin-stress/.

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